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About Us

Inari Amertron Berhad (formerly known as Inari Berhad) is an investment holding company with wholly-owned subsidiaries involved in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. Inari Amertron Berhad currently has five wholly-owned subsidiaries: Inari Technology Sdn Bhd, Inari South Keytech Sdn Bhd, Simfoni Bistari Sdn Bhd, Inari International Limited, Amertron Inc (Global) Limited. Inari Amertron Berhad also has a 51% subsidiary, Ceedtec Sdn Bhd.

Inari Technology Sdn Bhd (Inari Technology) is a leading EMS provider to multinational and local electronics product manufacturers. Inari Technology is one of a handful of EMS providers in the ASEAN region performing and providing DC and RF wafer testing, wafer back-grinding, wafer sawing, wire bonding, substrate molding, substrate sawing and other related services. Inari Technology has strong technical know-how in these manufacturing processes and quick turnaround response times.

Inari Technology is certified with the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems (QMS) certifications. Inari Technology is strongly committed to high product and service quality and also to environmentally friendly practices by utilizing RoHS compliant process and RoHS compliant materials. Inari also complies with the General Specifications for the Environment (GSE) requirement.

Amertron Global Group is a leading provider of tailored contract manufacturing services to the semiconductor and optoelectronic industry in Southeast Asia and globally. It currently has two subsidiaries, namely Amertron Philippines establish in 1988 and Amertron Technology establish in 2000. Amertron Global Group has over 20 years of experience in providing semiconductor and optoelectronic products and has built strong relationships with the key players in the industry. An engineering-driven company, it has successfully developed a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities from traditional semiconductor technologies, including custom-tailored ICs and SMT to advanced optical components and modules. Additionally, Amertron Global Group has received numerous awards from its customers in recognition of its exceptional, and reliable service while at the same time maintaining stringent quality control. Amertron Global, through its subsidiaries, currently specializes in the field of optoelectronics, which accounts for the vast majority of its revenue. Optoelectronic devices are electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducers, or instruments that use such devices in their operation. In other words, optoelectronics include any device that seeks to source, direct, or control light. Optoelectronic technologies are essential in modern society and include fibre optic communications, laser systems, electric eyes, remote sensor systems, medical diagnostic systems, and optical information systems. Within Amertron Global�s optoelectronics segment, the majority of its revenue can be attributed to fibre optics, LED based optoelectronics and infrared optoelectronics, contributing approximately 43%, 24%, and 21% of the Company`s total revenue, respectively. Amertron Global Group also produces a range of LED display products that account for approximately 10% of the Company`s total revenue. The remaining 2% is attributed to the Customised IC packaging. Due to numerous emerging applications and the energy-efficient nature of many LED and other optoelectronic products, Amertron Global is well positioned to continue to be a leading contract manufacturer in these fields and expand its product portfolio. Amertron Global Group provides its services to some of the largest players in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industry. The majority of its business comes from Southeast Asia, however; it has a global scope and also delivers products for clients in North America and Europe. Its clients include: Avago Technologies, the former semiconductor division of Hewlett-Packard; Osram, a division of Siemens AG; Lite-On; and Sigmatron International, among others. The management has spent several decades in some cases building durable business relationships with these companies, ensuring high rates of repeat business. For more information, please refer www.amertron-global.com

Inari South Keytech Sdn Bhd (ISK) was established in June 2012 to spearhead the Inari Group�s research and development, and manufacturing activities in opto-electronics components. ISK operates out of a 40,000 square feet factory located in Senai, Johor located in the dynamic Iskandar Development Region

Ceedtec Sdn Bhd is the primary engineering solutions provider focussing on R&D, Product development and engineering solutions. Ceedtec Technology on the other hand focuses on manufacturing providing product manufacturing, assembly & test. When these capabilities are combined, the company is able to provide complete end-to-end product development and full turnkey manufacturing services and solutions to its customers. Ceedtec was incorporated in November 2005 and commenced operations in February 2006. The company focuses on ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Product Development & R&D (Research & Development) of precision Test & Measurement products. Ceedtec takes a product from concept stage to a finished product that is ready for mass production. The product design cycle starts from concept and product architecture development, prototyping, complete product design to product qualification and certification. The design process ends with product validation, manufacturing and delivery of finished goods to the customer. Ceedtec Technology Sdn Bhd (CTT) was incorporated in December 2007. The Company is a wholly owned (100%) subsidiary of Ceedtec Sdn Bhd and is the dedicated manufacturing arm for all the products developed by Ceedtec Sdn Bhd. Ceedtec Sdn Bhd is certified with ISO 9001:2008. For more information, please refer www.ceedtec.com

Simfoni Bistari Sdn Bhd (Simfoni) is an industrial property investment company which was established to acquire and manage industrial plants for the Inari Group.

Inari International Limited is an investment holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of investing in non-resident EMS related companies